Our professional services


We offer a range of services across the HCM spectrum, so you can choose wherever you need us most. Whether that's payroll, benefits, or in a more broad-based consulting capacity, we're here to help you achieve your HR goals.

Simply put, we build relationships with our clients to become their trusted HCM partner.



Strategic Planning

We love the challenge of coordinating multiple moving parts so they come together seamlessly. Knowing your systems, defining priorities, and allocating resources can be complex. But that’s exactly why we create a clear, executable road map.

So you can hit key milestones and build momentum.


Whether you’re introducing new HCM software or changing processes, we can make sure your organization is ready to go. From initial engagement to full staff adoption, we want a smooth roll out across all areas.

We’re ready to prove that change can be easy.


Optimization services

Knowing how to find efficiencies in your HCM systems and processes doesn't mean we cut corners. We're just really good at streamlining the things you're already doing. The primary benefit we see here is just how much human capital is freed up.

Imagine getting time back to focus however you want.

Intelligence Solutions

Typically, most organizations have trouble finding relevant patterns and trends in data, or they're so overwhelmed with the amount of data that they're unsure how to turn it into actionable intelligence. The good news is we can help with both. 

Let's get your analytics and reporting engine running smooth.


Project Management

If you need expert oversight for an upcoming project, we're here to ensure your timeline stays on course and the obstacles are overcome. Not only can we ramp up quickly but we'll also lay out a project plan that all your stakeholders can agree on.

From there, it's straight on through to a successful launch day.

Ongoing Support

With most organizations, there are peaks and valleys. We come in to help offset a bit of the workload at those peaks. Maybe you'd like expert guidance at periodic intervals, or just the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable support partner.

Whatever your need, we're ready to back you up.


our process and plan

  • First, we want to know your goals and challenges

  • Then, we'll move into the design phase, collaborating to find the right solution

  • Next is project oversight, managing key milestones, timelines, and implementation

  • Lastly, we'll support you post-launch with data analytics, special project management, and relationship maintenance



Looking for more info?

We're all about being the right fit for our clients. So feel free to ask any questions you have about the work we've done or the projects we've implemented successfully.