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  • Lack of retro pay capabilities
  • Duplicate data entry requirements
  • Limited reporting
  • Lack of automated workflows
  • Limited to non-existent employee and manager self-service functionality.
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We would not have made it to go live without CORE HCM’s support. If we didn’t have CORE HCM stopping us at various points of the conversation to go… ‘whoa, wait a minute… what about this?’… I can’t even imagine how many items we would have made decisions about that we would have regretted down the line. CORE HCM comes right alongside you, integrates into your team and adds value in all the right places.

Savannah Schwartz
Director of HR Operations
Central Ohio Primary Care

CORE HCM Helps UKG Healthcare Client Go Live with Ease

Who is COPC?

Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC), a leading provider of primary care services across the state of Ohio, selected UKG to be the system of record for all HR, Time, Payroll and Benefits technology capabilities. COPC had outgrown their existing HCM platform and selected UKG Pro® and UKG Dimensions™ for the robust features that would be available to help COPC deliver high-quality HR services to their employees.

  • Joint UKG Pro / Dimensions project
  • Recruiting / Onboarding
  • Performance / Compensation
  • Benefits Prime
  • HR Service Delivery (File manager / People Assist)
  • UKG Learning

What is COPC looking for?

COPC’s goals for transitioning to a new HRIS were to
provide the organization with:

  • A consolidated platform
  • An improved user experience for managers and employees
  • Reduced risk and compliance concerns related to manual processes and record keeping

Optimizing COPC's UKG Investment

  • Helped COPC think about their core HR/Payroll go live and subsequent module launches holistically to ensure decisions were made early to support long-term growth and scalability plans.
  • Worked with COPC to launch a robust and engaging self-service experience for employees and managers that included a tailored homepage experience for all employee and a library of manager resources such as videos, job aids, and FAQs.
  • Helped COPC reduce risk and compliance concerns by leveraging all available features of their UKG solution.
    • UKG Learning was used to deliver high quality compliance curriculums utilizing a mix of user-created content and purchased course content.
    • Service Delivery modules combined with Looker analytics were used to deliver and monitor the annual compliance form and signature process.
Client-Side Implementation Expertise

As one of the first joint UKG Pro and UKG Dimensions customers, COPC realized quickly that they needed a partner to walk alongside their internal team throughout the stages of the UKG launch. COPC engaged with CORE HCM immediately after their first call(s) with UKG. CORE HCM’s team of consultants were able to engage with COPC and provide deep UKG expertise and help design a comprehensive roadmap to achieve COPC’s project goals.

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