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Human Capital Management Strategies & Solutions

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CORE HCM is a consulting firm providing human
capital management services
(also known as HCM) to unlock the power of UKG. Our team has a vast knowledge of HR and HR technology solutions spanning from many years in the outsourcing and consulting fields. We believe having the right experience allows for the best creative solutions.

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Our HR Technology Services

Because most of our team members have been using UKG for 15-plus years, we have a specialized knowledge of the system that allows us to customize our services to meet client needs. 

We’re a smaller company that provides dedicated attention to each customer and brings thoughtful solutions to all our clients’ challenges, projects and business practices. Our services include:

  • Implementation support
  • Optimization services
  • Data and reporting solutions
  • Managed HRIS support

CORE HCM is honored to secure a coveted spot in Raven Intelligence's prestigious Guide to Top UKG Implementation Partners for our high ranking reviews. 

Raven Intelligence is an independent peer review site that helps Enterprise Software customers find, hire, and review the best consulting partner for their implementation. They provide business leaders with valuable transparency into the software implementation process.

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Our Process

UKG Pro® experience makes a difference

By understanding your unique challenges and the goals you’d like to achieve, we design a Human Capital Management strategy that is custom tailored to fit your company. When you work with CORE HCM, you have the combined expertise of our entire team working to resolve your HCM issues using HR technology. Whether it’s for a single project or long-term, we’re ready to be your trusted HCM partner.

More About Our Approach

  • 1

    Goals & Challenges

    First, we want to know your goals & challenges.
  • 2

    Designing The Right Solution

    Then, we'll move into the design phase, collaborating to find the right solution.
  • 3

    Project Management & Implementation

    Next is project oversight, managing key milestones, timelines and implementation.

Who We Are

And How You'll Benefit

Through our in-depth knowledge and experience in a variety of industries, we’re able to take a holistic perspective, glean best practices and apply them to every one of our solutions. In turn, our clients benefit from shared insight across fields and professions. Our high level of experience, combined with a genuine interest in helping you with your business needs, positions us to offer quick responses and comprehensive solutions.


Become Part of Who We've Helped

Who We Serve

  • Construction
    We simplify payroll, hiring, onboarding and more with our technology solutions.
  • Education
    Make rollout of new HCM processes easier and more widely accepted across your educational institution.
  • Financial Services
    Make HCM easier to navigate for both remote and in-person team members.
  • Healthcare
    CORE HCM makes it easier to coordinate HRIS processes across multiple healthcare facilities.
  • Hospitality
    Hiring, training and employee retention are made easier with our support.
  • Insurance
    Get better analytics and improve your data reporting to identify patterns most significant to your business.
  • Manufacturing
    Streamline your processes and get better data with our HCM solutions.
  • Retail
    Use our software solutions to simplify the training process and get employees ready to work sooner.
  • Retirement & Long Term Care
    Free up resources for resident care by streamlining your facilities' HCM processes.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to get started on maximizing the benefit of your HCM and getting the most out of the UKG platform? We’re here to help! Get in touch with us today to kick things off.

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