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Expert Human Capital Management Offerings

We offer a range of services across the HCM spectrum, so you can choose wherever you need us most. Whether that’s in payroll, benefits or a more broad-based consulting capacity, we’re here to help you achieve your HR technology goals. Simply put, we build relationships with our clients to become their trusted HCM partner. From consulting to analytics and beyond, CORE HCM is here to help.

Implementation Support

Whether you’re introducing new HCM software or changing processes, we can make sure your organization is ready to go. From initial engagement to full staff adoption, we want a smooth roll-out across all areas so you can unlock the true power of UKG. 

HCM Process Optimization Services

We know just where to look to find efficiencies in your HCM systems and process optimization. That doesn’t mean we cut corners; we’re just really good at streamlining the things you’re already doing. The primary benefit we see here is just how much human capital is freed up.

Data & Reporting Solutions

Typically, organizations have trouble finding relevant patterns and trends in data, or they’re so overwhelmed with the amount of data that they’re unsure how to turn it into actionable intelligence. The good news is we can help with both, getting your analytics and reporting engine running smoothly.

Managed HRIS Support

Many companies struggle with having enough resources to effectively manage their HCM systems, or they simply lack the internal HRIS knowledge. Our industry experts are ready to address your challenges and become an extension of your team. Maybe you’d like expert guidance at periodic intervals or to completely outsource your HRIS needs to a reliable support partner. Whatever your need, we’re ready to back you up.

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We’re all about being the right fit for our clients. Feel free to ask any questions you have about the work we’ve done or the projects we’ve successfully implemented.

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