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Bringing People & Process Together for HCM Success

At CORE HCM, we provide people technology solutions with a personalized approach so that organizations get the most out of their HCM tools. We have an enormously experienced, talented team of HRIS consultants and UKG solutions consultants serving clients in a variety of industries.

What Industries Do We Serve?  

We touch just about every industry – private and publicly traded; for-profit and nonprofit; national and international. Some of the industries we help to unlock the power of UKG are:

  • Construction
    We simplify payroll, hiring, onboarding and more with our technology solutions.
  • Education
    Make rollout of new HCM processes easier and more widely accepted across your educational institution.
  • Financial Services
    Make HCM easier to navigate for both remote and in-person team members.
  • Healthcare
    CORE HCM makes it easier to coordinate HRIS processes across multiple healthcare facilities.
  • Hospitality
    Hiring, training and employee retention are made easier with our support.
  • Insurance
    Get better analytics and improve your data reporting to identify patterns most significant to your business.
  • Manufacturing
    Streamline your processes and get better data with our HCM solutions.
  • Retail
    Use our software solutions to simplify the training process and get employees ready to work sooner.
  • Retirement and long-term care
    Free up resources for resident care by streamlining your facilities' HCM processes.

With our experienced team, CORE HCM is your proven HRIS consulting professional partner.

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What Benefits Do Our HRIS Consulting Services Provide?
  • We provide ongoing UKG support.

  • We can be staff augmentation for organizations without internal HRIS resources.

  • We help organizations optimize their use of UKG.

  • We can undertake special projects related to the utilization of UKG.

  • We can realign UKG configuration to utilize the most beneficial features of the platform based on the organization’s needs.

  • We help clients navigate complex HCM processes.

  • We provide recommendations for clients to fully leverage UKG’s people data.

Savannah Schwartz

Director of HR Operations, Central Ohio Primary Care

We would not have made it to go live without CORE HCM’s support. If we didn’t have CORE HCM stopping us at various points of the conversation to go… ‘whoa, wait a minute… what about this?’… I can’t even imagine how many items we would have made decisions about that we would have regretted down the line. CORE HCM comes right alongside you, integrates into your team and adds value in all the right places.

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