Managed HRIS Support

HRIS Support & Guidance on Your Terms

Many companies struggle with having enough resources to effectively manage their human capital management (HCM) systems or simply lack HRIS knowledge. Our industry experts are eager and ready to treat your pain points and become an extension of your team. We just want you to get back to doing what you do best! Whether you want expert guidance at periodic intervals or are looking for full HRIS outsourcing, we are here to back you up as a reliable support partner.

Our HRIS Analysis & Planning Services

We can help you clarify and align your business objectives with your HRIS priorities. Together, we will create an easy-to-follow and executable roadmap that allows you to scale comfortably and seamlessly. Here at CORE HCM, we love the challenge of coordinating multiple moving parts to provide you with a clear path to HRIS support success.

We Do This By: 

  • Completing an HCM Audit:

    We get to know your HCM applications, systems, processes and existing strategy.

  • Prioritizing Your Objectives:

    We understand and define what’s most essential to your HCM success.

  • Creating a Roadmap:

    We build a strategic plan that holistically guides you to your goals.

HRIS Audits/Assessments include:
  • Multi-day onsite working session(s)
  • Obtain an understanding of how your business operates and the nuances of how the organization is managed
  • Analyze current configurations and key business processes within the UKG deployment
  • Interviews with key stakeholders in HR, payroll and relevant business operations to understand key pain points and current/future objectives

Ongoing HRIS Support/HRIS Outsourcing

With most organizations, there are peaks and valleys in activity. We come in when you need to help offset your workload at those peaks and then get ready for the next one by strategizing in the valleys.  Whether you’d like expert guidance at periodic intervals or just want the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable support partner, we’re here to be an extension of your team.

We are here if you need to augment your HRIS team or if you need full HRIS outsourcing.

CORE HCM follows three key HRIS support principles:

  • One Team:

    We support your team and lighten the burden of your heavy workload.

  • Guidance:

    Our industry experts are ready to address your challenges and mitigate risk.

  • Anytime:

    We’re here for you whenever you need us, ready to dive in and deliver.

Whatever your need, we’re ready to back you up.

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