Optimization Services

Turn Core HR Functions into HCM Strengths

Streamline and maximize efficiencies of your core HR functions within your existing systems and processes. By thoroughly understanding the strengths and limitations of your current solutions, we create a holistic plan designed to fully optimize your HCM solutions for your business and team.

Creating New Efficiencies in Your Existing Systems

Get your time back, allowing you to focus on whatever you want! Let CORE HCM and our UKG solutions experts optimize your HCM processes or core HR functions so you have more time to spend on the more important operations of your organization.

  • Review

    We kick off the optimization process by immersing ourselves in your existing systems and processes. This gives us the opportunity to comprehensively understand your operations and core HR functions, so we can use that information to identify areas for improvement.

  • Development

    We use the information we’ve obtained from the review phase to put together a plan that works for your organization. We take every part of your process that might be holding you back and come up with solutions to improve it, turning your HCM weaknesses into strengths.

  • Optimization

    We don’t stop at just coming up with the plan – we put it into action, too, so you can start to see the results right away. We’ll use what we’ve learned to implement and adjust your current efforts, creating organizational efficiency that lasts.

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Start streamlining your processes today by contacting our team at CORE HCM and getting started on a plan for optimization.

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